PUBG Chicken Dinner Tshirt for battle royal lovers

PUBG Chicken Dinner Tshirt for battle royal lovers

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We know what you love, and we got it.

Thrills, action, skills, traction.

The world of ultimate gaming where you choose your weapons, your territory, your team and your destiny: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by PUGB Corporation. The game features up to one hundred players parachuting onto an island and scavenging for weapons and equipment to kill other players without getting killed themselves. As the game progresses, the game’s map decreases over time, decreasing the safe area and directing survivors to tighter areas until one player or team is the last one standing.
As a fan of such an exciting game worthy of playing, we know you will enjoy our PUBG T-Shirt collection because for every great game and gamer out there, there’s a t-shirt waiting to be worn with pride.

These are the T-Shirts for battle royal lovers.

The true gamers understand that gaming isn’t all about entertainment.

It’s an art.It’s a lifestyle.

They know it’s not just about ‘wasting’ a day and binging on pizza and energy drinks blowing buildings or cars up, surfing the skies on dragons or slaying gorgons. Although that’s fun too, gaming is truly about teamwork, reflexes, strategy, timing, character development, soundtracks, atmosphere, immersion and a host of others. 

No matter the platform you choose, consoles or PCs or Xbox, you’re all in. You’re gaming to kick some ass, join up with other players, or follow a plotline all by yourself to the awesome (or bitter!) end.
Gaming isn’t just entertainment, it’s art. Our PUBG shirts are perfect for you to express your loyalty and love for the battleground which thrills you so.
Gamers don’t just love the game. They love everything that has to do with the game, whether it’s the latest game releases, video game soundtracks, mod-making, PC-building, film adaptions, and, of course, tees. If you love gaming as much as we think you do, then you probably own a few themed tees. Why not add to your collection with some of the fantastic PUBG tees we have for you?
We offer a selection of PUBG-themed tees with amazing designs and patterns depicting your favorite maps: Erangel or Miramar; weapons, characters, gear. Our tees are unique and 100% cotton and linen, printed or patterned, with intricate PUBG details adapted to suit the style and personality of each gamer who puts it on. 
So, if you're ready to express your geekiness without saying a word, it's time for four of five of our t-shirts. They're really funny and snarky, plus they contain 100% of your recommended daily allowance of PUBG stuff. Basically, Our designs will make you look like the fierce gamer you are- and your friends, too. Also, do brace yourself because random people in the grocery store will stop you and ask you where you got your awesome shirt.
Gamer Tee Shirts are a great option for any gamer to profess your love of gaming to the entire neighborhood. It’s also a funny way to express displeasure over having to do any activity that isn’t gaming. We’re not saying you hate doing other things- don’t take us so serious, but you know that an awesome gamer t shirt paired with jeans and sneakers is perfect for almost any occasion.
If you’re looking for a gift for a gamer, gamer t-shirts are an excellent way to show you care. It’s hard to go wrong with a gamer tshirt. This is especially helpful if you don’t know much about gaming and are not fond of giving money as a gift.

Perfect as a present!

If you have a kid, friend, or family member who is a gamer, clothes shopping just got so much much easier, especially shopping on our site. It’s hard to go wrong buying clothes if you choose a graphic tee shirt that showcases the receiver's passion. And yes, gaming is a passion!
Here on our site, get ready to find some cool PUBG Tees. Our watchword is quality and we insist on high-quality designs, to keep you happy with your purchase and a great feeling when you wear your new PUBG tee shirt.

Comfortability is key and our PUBG T-Shirts are designed to be as cozy as possible
We are a video game merchandise store based in India and we ship all T-Shirts in about 3 days. 

All PUBG t-shirts have full washing and care instructions on their inner labels. Please consult these for specific guidance. Please allow for a 5% washing shrinkage on 100% cotton garments. General advice for good garment care is to wash at a low temperature with similar colors and dry on a low heat to minimize shrinkage. We use the finest, most advanced luxury water-based printing techniques to ensure a soft-feel, non-plastic, permanent print, but we always advise to wash garments inside out. Experience Gametee luxury - we pride ourselves on offering some of the world's best video game merchandise.